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Sycamore LED

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Name: Sycamore LED
Location: Leeds, UK
Description: Sycamore LED specialises in innovative lighting solutions and lighting control systems for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom sector. We offer the latest energy saving technology which costs the customer less to run and has an increased lamp life. Our large range of products helps to create an exciting, economical, original, and eco-friendly environment in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

For over 15 years Sycamore LED has been at the forefront of lighting innovation. Established in 1998, our dedication to quality has resulted in sustained growth by offering a diverse range of lighting and lighting control systems.

Sycamore LED was the first company in the UK to offer LED Lighting for kitchen cabinets, and we continue to pride ourselves in offering the very latest lighting products. We are constantly working to develop our product offering, through investigating new technologies, one of which includes organic LED, which is anticipated to be the future of LED lighting.

We work closely with our suppliers, who are handpicked due to their commitment to stay at the forefront of technology. Our suppliers are long term trusted partners, and our close relations with them enable us to continue to supply the most up to date and reliable products within our industry.

Our business is a profitable business, and one of our key attributes is our dedication to invest in our people. 70% of our team has worked at Sycamore Lighting for ten years or more, with the remainder of our team coming on board through organic growth. We are passionate about training and education, and continually offer our employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge in many different areas from design and technical through to marketing and sales.

Our employees collectively hold a vast amount of expertise which has helped to nurture our business. Our management and technical team have many different qualifications, and a great deal of experience which when combined has given us the ability to develop a successful and lucrative business.

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