Founded in 2010, is a private investment company with a portfolio of 6 SME’s looking to acquire niche market companies in the industrial manufacturing and distribution sectors. Since April 2011 the group has grown from two to six trading businesses, with turnover increasing from £10m to £60m with a pre-tax profit of £8m. The company currently employs over 150 people. The company aims to grow and develop businesses through investment capital and add-on acquisitions.

About the Acquirer

  • Greg Hutchings is an experienced individual who has previously built and run a FTSE 100 industrial conglomerate
  • Aims to build a substantial family business group for the long term;
  • Considerable experience of running and developing industrial manufacturing and distrioution companies.
  • Looking to acquire (not trade or strip} a number of small UK based businesses;
  • Keep businesses autonomous,not absorbed or merged within any group;
  • Significant personal cash resource to fund potential acquisitions- no need for bank debt/credit committees;
  • Seeks to grow & develop any acquired business with investment capital and add-on acquisitions;
  • Would like to retain and encourage existing management;
  • Non-bureaucratic and quick decision making.

Acquisition Criteria

We are looking to acquire businesses matching the following criteria:

  • Companies involved in industrial manufacturing/distribution
  • Well established and profitable (EBIT around £1m- £3m pa)
  • Strong NAV
  • Limited goodwill
  • No/little debt
  • Positive cash flow
  • Preferably operating within a niche market
  • UK based
  • Add-on (to existing subsidiaries} acquisitions (smaller EBITs than group acquisitions)